Rolling out your own discount card solution is easy.

Leverage the Advantage program as is or white label your own solution to bring consistent, low pricing to your underinsured populations.

Capital Rx prescription savings card
Capital RX Prescription Savings Card

Traditional discount cards are often just another form of spread pricing, ultimately, passing on additional costs to consumers.

Capital Rx Advantage is eliminating hidden fees through a flat fee structure and ensuring consumer data is never sold to third parties. Have peace of mind with stability and security in your discount card program.

Why settle for good when you can have a better Rx?

From local municipalities to Fortune 100 companies, we deliver the same low prices and exceptional level of service to all clients.

The Capital Rx Advantage

flat, low Fee

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hidden fees

The Capital Rx Advantage

never sell data

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sell data

The Capital Rx Advantage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use a discount card?

Everyone is eligible to use the Capital Rx Advantage Card. While this is not a health insurance program, presenting this prescription savings card to the pharmacist can help you and your family get discounts on your prescriptions.

Can someone use a discount card with another insurance program?

This card is not a health insurance program and cannot be combined with any other third-party insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Which medications are covered?

The Capital Rx Advantage card helps you to save on most of the prescriptions that you and your family depend on to live healthy lives.

What are the fees associated with using this card? 

Capital Rx earns a flat $0.99 on each adjudicated claim that does not hit a pharmacy's U&C. We also have a small revenue share available for our partners who are rolling out their own programs.

What happens when a claim hits a pharmacy's U&C price?

Capital Rx does not charge a fee on U&C claims.

How do consumers use the card?

Simply present the card to your pharmacist when you fill your prescriptions to find discounts on your prescriptions.

Do discount cards count toward a deductible?

No, discount cards or "cash cards," are paid out of pocket. They help to alleviate costs for underinsured populations.

Can this product be white labeled?

Yes, the Capital Rx Advantage program can be rolled out as is or with your branding, powered by our back-end.

How is this product better for pharmacies?

Typical programs can clawback more from the pharmacies during financial reconciliation stage than the cost to dispense. This product ensures pharmacies receive their fair dispensing fee, which is set at their traditional commercial rates.

What are the fees associated with rolling out this program?

We customize each implementation based on client need, across printed or virtual solutions, factoring in our suite of APIs, requisite technical support or any custom requests. We have some implementations that are free, others that have a one-time setup fee, and some premium offers that include an ongoing monthly fee.

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Can the Capital Rx Advantage Card program help you, your employees/members, or an underinsured population?

Give your clients the flexibility and power to reduce their drug spend with Capital Rx.