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The PBM industry has long suffered from transparency problems. Complex contracts, opaque drug pricing, and aging legacy pharmacy claim processing technology have fueled rising costs and decimated client and member confidence. As a result, PBMs have become a focal point for ire among pharmacies, patients, and legislative bodies.

Co-founders AJ Loiacono and Ryan Kelly recognized to solve these problems, they had to become the problem – a PBM. In 2017, they founded Capital Rx with the goal of delivering complete alignment for clients, driving down costs, creating more transparency, passing through all rebates, and building electronic infrastructure in the form of our cloud-native enterprise health platform, JUDI®, that unifies all pharmacy operations/administration tasks within one flexible, user-friendly ecosystem.

Pharmacy Benefits Administration

Capital Rx’s JUDI is a cloud-native enterprise health platform in the pharmacy benefits industry, unifying all pharmacy operations – from claims adjudication, data integration, prior authorization, patient communication, client reporting, invoicing, reimbursement, and more – within one ecosystem. JUDI’s flexibility creates a level of efficiency never thought possible.

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Pharmacy Benefits Management

Capital Rx, a Certified B Corp™, is a next-generation pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) combining a transparent, Single-Ledger Model™ with modern technology - JUDI® - to reduce administrative costs, improve patient outcomes, and deliver a superior customer and member experience to employers, labor unions, health systems, and other plan sponsors.

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Discount Cards

The Capital Rx Advantage prescription discount card, introduced in 2021, is free to download and leverages NADAC pricing to offer potentially significant savings on prescription drugs for consumers without insurance, who are “underinsured” or in their deductible phase, or those with insurance that does not cover certain medications.

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