Welcome to the Future of Pharmacy Benefits Administration.

Achieve greater efficiency and offer better service to your members with the industry’s first cloud-native enterprise pharmacy platform.

Open API


URAC Accredited

SOC 2 Compliant

Bring your program into the 21st century

Technology designed to make your life easy.

A flexible platform enabling you to customize your offering to deliver the highest quality service to your members.

In 2021, we launched JUDI®, the industry’s first cloud-native enterprise pharmacy platform that unifies all PBM operations on to a single platform.

JUDI Platform

A Modular Design to Pharmacy Benefits

The JUDI® Difference

Seamless Integration

Open API architecture enables seamless integration across systems

Designed for Unlimited Customization

Edit down to the Plan, Group, or Member Level

Instantaneous Batch Testing

Enables efficient troubleshooting and resolution with the highest caliber of QA

Intuitive Interface

Allows anyone to become a power-user with minimal training

A Modular Design to Pharmacy Benefits

Leverage any combination of our services to meet your members’ needs

Which system would you rather make edits on?

Edit in months
Edit in minutes

JUDI® is 50x more operationally efficient than legacy systems, creating a level of efficiency never thought possible in healthcare management.

Reducing overhead by 70%

We make Medicare simple.

We monitor and proactively respond to regulatory statutes and guidelines to help you stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory environment.

We proactively assess and measure performance across the full spectrum of Medicare Star Ratings Scores and provide strategic guidance to help improve on areas to drive better patient outcomes and improve your bottom line.

Audits & filings shouldn't be scary. We make sure you understand all the changes, formulary, application, and plan finder submissions. We're here to help you meet deadlines for 1/1 readiness, whether it's formulary submission, transition benefits, member lettering & more.

Are you still waiting for days or weeks to determine your Prescription Drug Event (PDE) status? Get real-time feedback through an intuitive, clean dashboard that clearly presents your PDEs, so you get visibility before CMS responds.

Delivering the best in Medicaid managed care.

Respond Rapidly

Rapidly respond to each state’s ever-changing regulatory landscapes.

Reduce Costs

Streamline and lower plan costs through greater operational efficiency.

Improves Outcomes

Available 24/7 to help manage and coordinate your members’ care.

Interested in learning more about JUDI or scheduling a demo? We'd love to show you what a modern EPP can do.

Give your clients the flexibility and power to reduce their drug spend with Capital Rx.