What You Need to Know About 2024 CMS Translation Requirements

October 9, 2023

Jay Tran, PharmD

The U.S. healthcare system is notorious for being difficult to navigate – even if English is someone’s first language. This difficulty is exponentially increased for those whose primary language is not English. However, they still need access to quality medical care and channels to ask questions when they arise.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau data American Community Survey (ACS), ~40% of the population 65 and older speak a language other than English in the home or may require other language-related assistance.

Breakdown of the population 65+ requiring language assistance (source:

Collectively, there’s an unfortunately large swath of the population that may not be able to effectively understand or access their benefits. Because of that, Medicare is attempting to address this problem.

New CMS Language Translation Requirements for 2024

One of the solutions Medicare has proposed is providing translation services. This can take the form of documents being translated into the individual’s first language or having access to an interpreter who speaks that language.

To strengthen the translation requirements, the following changes have been proposed:

How Capital Rx is Helping Clients Meet CMS Guidelines for Translation Services

Part of what makes Capital Rx’s JUDI® such an important healthcare tool is the ability to incorporate the latest regulatory requirements quickly, easily, and accurately. For this particular translation requirement, for example, all that is required is for the new rules to be input into the system – something that only takes a few keystrokes and minutes in a modern enterprise health platform.

From then on, JUDI will automatically follow the new CMS translation requirements by displaying the preferred language in an accessible and visible location on the member's profile. This way, users such as customer care team members can provide a better, compliant experience to members in need of translation services. Additionally, preferred language and format data can be sent downstream to any other processes. From January 1, 2024, anyone needing translated materials or special formats will receive them without worrying about lag time.  

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