The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™ - An Entrepreneur's Mission to Revolutionize PBMs | A.J. Loiacono

September 18, 2023

Capital Rx

Listen to AJ Loiacono, Co-Founder and CEO of Capital Rx, discuss his experiences as an entrepreneur pre- and post-founding Capital Rx, the mission to disrupt the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) model, and the need to build JUDI to upgrade our nation's healthcare and claims processing infrastructure with Mike Koelzer, host of The Business of Pharmacy Podcast™. Key topics covered include the rapid growth in prescription drug spending over the past 20 years, increased scrutiny on PBM rebates, pricing, and transparency, what it was like to enter the PBM space as a new competitor, perseverance as an entrepreneur with a new idea, and leading a mission-driven company.

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