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Replay – M3P Forum - A Live Q&A with Capital Rx

April 17, 2024

Capital Rx

To address questions and concerns about the Medicare Prescription Payment Plan - commonly known as “M3P” - Capital Rx hosted a live Q&A with Ryan Kelly (Chief Technology Officer) and Jason Barretto (VP, Government Program Operations) to discuss program requirements and Capital Rx’s stand-alone, end-to-end turnkey solution.

Jason began by discussing the solution’s full scope, outlining all the processes it can accomplish for health plans that need to comply with CMS’s requirements.  

Ryan then ran through a live demo of the solution, explaining its capabilities, what it can do, and how its functionality stands out.

Check out the replay and the highlights below and click here for the presentation materials.


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Want to learn more about Capital Rx’s M3P solution and how it can do all the heavy lifting required to meet CMS’s requirements? Contact our team today!

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