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Next-Gen PBM Capital Rx Becomes a Tech Co: Inside New PBA Biz, $106M Series C & Big Plans with WTF Health

August 26, 2022

Capital Rx

Thanks to Jessica DaMassa and WTF Health for having Capital Rx Co-Founder & CEO, AJ Loiacono, on for a great discussion about the evolution of the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) and pharmacy benefit administration (PBA) models! Click below to watch. And, don’t worry, we won’t let another two years pass before AJ joins you for another interview, Jess! 😊  

“The enterprise health platform is much larger, and there’s been underinvestment. Vertical integration creating efficiency(ies), value-based contracting or care; you can’t execute on these promises in the existing administrative workflows and infrastructure we have in the U.S. today…. It’s a slide show of information, and you’re not doing any service to the patient or the plan. And so, part of our R&D is to improve all of these workflows, not just today, but our customer is a payer (employer group, municipality, state-run program like Medicaid, etc.). They need to become more efficient, safer, and focus on better outcomes. To do these things, they require entirely new infrastructure. I often say, ‘Capital Rx, we’re the best plumbers in healthcare,’ taking care of all the things you don’t see.”

                                                                                   – AJ Loiacono, CEO, Capital Rx

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