MTVA Unscripted: Unraveling the Complexities of Pharmacy Benefits with AJ Loiacono

November 16, 2023

Capital Rx

Few things are more important than partnering with employers, health plans, health systems, et al., listening to them, and empowering them, especially with regard to the challenges associated with managing specialty drug spend and removing opacity from the pharmaceutical supply chain. Check out this episode of MTVA Unscripted to hear how pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) can drive change and deliver savings!

Capital Rx Co-Founder & CEO AJ Loiacono joins Lisa Trumble, MTVA Board Member & President and Chief Executive Officer, SoNE HEALTH, John Rodis, MD, President, MTVA and Founder and President, Arista Health, LLC, and Steve Schutzer, MD, MTVA Founding Board Member & Co-Founder, Upswing Health, for an unscripted discussion about the intricacies of pharmacy benefit administration, including the challenges plan sponsors face in navigating the healthcare landscape and the need for consistent, transparent prices and efficiency.

The executives dove into topics including drug pricing, the far-reaching effects of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), the management of specialty and other high-cost drugs, why there’s a “somewhat efficient” secondary market of GPO economics, the importance of partner alignment, and how modern technology and data can help optimize pharmacy benefit programs. Listen to the episode below!


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