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It’s Okay to Have Zero Trust During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

December 13, 2022

Tamara Lauterbach

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the theme for 2022 is “See yourself in Cyber,” with a focus on the “people part” of what helps protect organizations’ technology and confidential information. Cybersecurity can be a scary topic to talk about, and nobody wants to believe they can be tricked, especially on Halloween. But as the internet grows and employees spend more time remote, it’s increasingly important that users understand the importance of safety and can protect themselves online.

Zero Trust

The Zero Trust concept has become increasingly popular. Also known as "zero trust architecture" or "zero trust security," the technique itself is straightforward at a high level: access to any resource, regardless of where it is located, must be authenticated (and authorized) before the resource in question can be accessed.  

What does this have to do with Capital Rx?

The outdated systems utilized by many traditional pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are inefficient and ineffective in many ways. Our enterprise pharmacy platform, JUDI®, is built using a zero trust architecture, which allows our teams to focus on planning and execution while getting better value for our organization.

We can improve cybersecurity measures while streamlining IT operations. It’s a more identity-centric and policy-based “shift left” approach (where DevOps and security work together). Thus, team members can provide substantive architectural and technical analysis to help accelerate our overall goal of changing the healthcare system for the better.

Digital Trust

By utilizing Digital Trust (ISACA), a quantitative risk-based approach can be leveraged to meet the needs of the organization's business model and drive the best risk-based outcomes possible. Digital Trust not only relates to cybersecurity, but includes privacy, risk management, DevOps, IT, quality assurance, and governance practices.

Collectively, there’s a new way of approaching cybersecurity in a rapidly evolving, digital world.  

Cybersecurity Reminders & Best Practices

At Capital Rx, we support the best cybersecurity practices outlined by and encourage everyone to practice good “cyber hygiene.”

Here are some tips to remember throughout the year:

For more information and a great tip sheet, check out the CISA CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS PROGRAM and the Public Toolkit, respectively.

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