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How this New Jersey city is keeping workers from abusing opioids

December 13, 2022

Capital Rx

Thank you, Jason Freeman and the City of Hoboken, for trusting Capital Rx to provide pharmacy benefits to your employees and help address the risks of employees being overprescribed or becoming addicted to opioids.

And thank you, Deanna Cuadra and Employee Benefit News, for publishing such a great article highlighting how a true partnership between a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and employer can work when interests are aligned, data is shared, and trust is established:

How this New Jersey city is keeping workers from abusing opioids (ebn, 11/2)

"Every year, the city was trying to put together a budget for what our total insurance program was going to look like," he says. "But we had no idea what issues employees were having because it was essentially a black box with that PBM. It was a complete lack of transparency."

When the City of Hoboken became self-insured, Freeman knew they couldn't afford a one-sided relationship with their PBM and risk losing money for not only their workers but for taxpayers...

"In a previous experience, we would never even know if a member was prescribed an opioid," he says. "With Capital Rx and the monthly meetings that we have with our self-insurance fund, we go through every single drug."

If you’d like to learn more about Capital Rx’s pharmacy benefit solutions, including our clinical programs, CLICK HERE to get in touch.

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