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ENGAGE at HLTH 2022 Replay: What should an ethical PBM look like?

May 9, 2023

Capital Rx

Capital Rx co-founder and CEO A. J. Loiacono joined MedCity News' Arundhati Parmar on stage at ENGAGE at HLTH 2022 for a great discussion: What should an ethical PBM look like?

Why is drug pricing so confusing?

AJ explained, “When you look at the last hop in the [pharmaceutical]supply chain, nothing makes sense. It looks like the price of a drug changes every hour of every day for every patient for every drug. And the reality is, and I've said this a thousand times, drug prices in the U.S. are incredibly stable.”

While vertical integration has some merits, the concept “I can mark up a drug to be anything to create higher profit margin and economics” is what's unethical.

AJ and Arundhati explored several key issues in ~20 minutes, including the "awesome responsibility" administrators share with [health plan] fiduciaries, sophisticated payers becoming more aware of and receptive to aligned models, and how pharmaceutical manufacturers lost control of the supply chain, to name a few.

Watch the full replay below!

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