Electrifying Growth Podcast: Transforming Healthcare, One Benefit Plan at a Time with AJ Loiacono

August 23, 2023

Capital Rx

AJ Loiacono, Co-Founder and CEO of Capital Rx, joins Edison Partners Managing Partner Christopher Sugden for an incredible interview about mentorship, solving big problems, and much more on episode #15 of the Electrifying Growth podcast. Listen below or visit Edison Partners’ blog!


AJ shares his journey as a serial entrepreneur, the challenges he's faced, and the groundbreaking solutions he's brought to the healthcare industry. Chris asks about his experiences with mentors, AJ’s drive to end the current state of healthcare, and his mission to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all by bringing transparency to drug prices and an aligned pharmacy benefit model to the market.  

In addition, AJ takes listeners behind the scenes of Capital Rx while emphasizing the importance of empathy in the workplace, balancing tough decisions with care for colleagues and the overall company culture.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Capital Rx and what JUDI can do for your pharmacy benefit program and beneficiaries.

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