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Drug Pipeline & Clinical Update - July 2023

August 7, 2023

Capital Rx


  • Five key new approvals, including Suflave™ for colonoscopy prep, Vanflyta® for acute myeloid leukemia, and NgenlaTM for pediatric growth hormone deficiency, among others
  • Three notable expanded indications: Leqvio®, Liletta®, and Talzenna®
  • Five generic launches: Plasma-Lyte (2), Fleqsuvy®, Aggrastat®, and Mozobil®
  • Update Drug Recall Report: CLICK HERE to review

Capital Rx's Clinical Team closely monitors the drug landscape to provide our clients with timely information on newly FDA-approved medications, as well as products in the pipeline. Read on to review our July 2023 Monthly Drug Update!

Key New Drug Approvals

SuflaveTM (polyethylene glycol 3350, sodium sulfate, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride) oral solution

Approval Date: 06/15/2023 - CLICK HERE for the press release

Indication: Cleansing of the colon in preparation for colonoscopy

Cost*: $150 per box

Key Considerations:

LitfuloTM (ritlecitinib) tablet

Approval Date: 06/23/2023 - CLICK HERE for the press release

Indication: Treatment for patients 12 years of age and older with severe alopecia areata

Cost*: $135 per tablet

Key Considerations:

NgenlaTM (somatrogon-ghla) subcutaneous injection

Approval Date: 06/27/2023 - CLICK HERE for the press release

Indication: Pediatric growth hormone deficiency

Cost*: TBD

Key Considerations:

Opill® (norgestrel) tablet

Approval Date: 07/13/2023 - CLICK HERE for the press release

Indication: Over-the-counter (OTC) status for the prevention of pregnancy

Cost*: TBD

Key Considerations:

Vanflyta® (quizartinib) tablet

Approval Date: 07/20/2023 - CLICK HERE for the press release

Indication: Acute myeloid leukemia

Cost*: $546 per tablet

Key Considerations:

Notable Expanded Indications

Leqvio® (inclisiran) - expanded to be indicated for the treatment of adults with high LDL-C and who are at increased risk of heart disease

Liletta® (levonorgestrel) - expanded to be indicated for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding for up to five years in patients who choose intrauterine contraception as their method of contraception

Talzenna® (talazoparib tosylate) - expanded to be used in combination with enzalutamide, indicated for the treatment of adults with homologous recombination repair (HRR) gene-mutated castration-resistant prostate cancer

Generic Launches

Plasma-Lyte148® (electrolyte-148 solution) IV solution

Plasma-Lyte-A® (electrolyte-a solution) IV solution

Fleqsuvy® (baclofen 25mg/5mL) oral suspension

Aggrastat® (tirofiban/nacl 5mg/100mL-0.9%,12.5mg/250mL-0.9%) IV solution

Mozobil® (plerixafor 24mg/1.2mL) SC injection

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* Cost: actual patient out-of-pocket costs may be lower, as the list price does not reflect insurance coverage, co-pay support for eligible patients, or financial assistance from patient support

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