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Capital Rx Launches JUDI®: The Industry’s First Enterprise Health Platform

January 27, 2021

Capital Rx

Capital Rx, the fastest-growing pharmacy benefit manager in the U.S., announced today the launch of JUDI®, the industry’s first Enterprise Health Platform (EHP), to significantly reduce administrative overhead, advance clinical management, and radically improve customer experience in healthcare. JUDI was architected to unify all pharmacy benefit management (PBM) operations – from underwriting, implementation, claim adjudication, data integration, prior authorization, patient communication, client reporting, invoicing, and reimbursement – to deliver on the promise of a better care delivery system.

As the first cloud-native, self-service, end-to-end enterprise health solution ever built, JUDI represents a significant advancement over older adjudication systems. “The platform is entirely API based, allowing for seamless communication between existing and legacy systems,” stated Ryan Kelly, CTO of Capital Rx. “This approach allows for unlimited optionality in future integrations – the highly adaptable, configurable, and modularized framework supports all current pharmacy benefit workflows while being easily extendable to power the future of pharmacy benefits.”

The JUDI platform utilizes a fully serverless architecture that allows for unlimited scalability, instant right-sizing, and the unique capability to handle clients of any size. Delivered to enterprise customers in a first of its kind Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach, health plans can deploy their own instance of JUDI in hours, not months or years.

JUDI was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, so users of all experience levels can access, edit, and update benefit plan designs quickly and easily in a single interface. The process is streamlined to ensure even the most complex plans are flawlessly implemented in a fraction of the time it would take with other PBM systems. What once took dozens of staff members weeks to complete can be done by one person in hours or minutes. “As we recently started an incredibly successful open enrollment season with our new PBM partner Capital Rx, their new JUDI™ Platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate,” said Jen Mueller, COO of Friday Health Plans. “It has been an extremely useful resource to have when assisting our members and striving to have first call resolution.”

“Launching JUDI is a technological leap forward, not just for pharmacy benefits, but all of healthcare,” said Matt Gibbs, the President of Commercial Markets at Capital Rx. “It is a major improvement on legacy PBM systems and our continued investment in technology will only further widen the gap.”

To learn more about JUDI, visit The Capital Rx mobile app can be found on the App Store and Google Play.

About Capital Rx

Capital Rx is a health technology company that manages pharmacy benefit plans for employers and health plans. With their enterprise platform, JUDI®, Capital Rx ensures patients receive seamless access to medication at the best prices by electronically linking providers, patients, pharmacies, and plans to achieve the highest standard of care. Through its Clearinghouse Model™, Capital Rx is establishing a competitive marketplace for drug pricing and redefining the way prescriptions are priced and administered in the U.S. The company’s commitment to innovation, technology, and service is why Capital Rx is the fastest-growing pharmacy benefit manager in America.


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